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I'm in Love With a Cow?

If you attended the 2024 Mesquite Western Roundup (2/23 and 2/24), you know exactly what the title of the blog means....

There may still be snow on the ground, but our hearts are melting for the wonderful audiences that we shared time with this past weekend. Thank you all for attending the 2024 Mesquite Western Roundup! Cowboy Poetry and great Western Music, what more could you ask for?

Branson Anderson, new to our stage, was a wonderful musical addition. Also, first time performers at our stage, Many Strings (Carol and Tony Messerly) kept those smiles on the audience faces throughout the evening. Our musical lineup this year was outstanding! Another new face to the Round Up was Len Randolph, who many of you might have recognized as a staple on Salt Lake television. As Emcee, Len kept us on track and smiling with his own brand of humor. Our Mesquite Western Poets, Russ, Jim, Farrell, Kathy and BT recited a great mix of humorous and serious poetry; some written by classic poets and some written by the poets themselves. All I can say is the crowds gave the best ever renditions of "Yee Haw" that I have ever heard. Well done!

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